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The stripey challenge - my approach

hello everybody, Recently our (historical) meme mom Karolina Zebrowska   introduced the stripey challenge. Basically it's an invitaion to all historical sewists to recreate a historical garment from any deacde, but it has to striped in black and whited. Why? Firstly because stripey costumes are awesome, secondly because its always cool to sew with complete strangers worldwide, it gives you this weird motivation. So obviously I need to join stuff like that too and used the chance to make a black and white evening gown from the decade between 1900 and 1910. First I thought about the iconic Worth gown , but it just wasn´t stripey enough. So I picked a more rarely seen dress worn by the famous opera singer Lina Cavalieri I really fell in love with the dress, So i searched up information on it, which wasn't as successful as I would have wished, but I found out who has worn it, as noted above and that it was made and worn in 1905 or 1906. The strange thing is that I cannot

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